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Electromagnetic Vibration Testing Systems

►EV series of electromagnetic vibration testing systems cover a wide range of forces ideal for many different applications. The electrodynamic shaker systems are well-suited for vibration testing products and structures of any size – from small components and electronic hardware to very large devices and structures.

►Labtone Vibration Test Systems is specially designed to meet the need for long time operation. Vertical and horizontal vibrations can be achieved by the installation of vibration resistant base. The standard platform is equipped with high efficiency airbag shock isolation device, so that the vibration transmitted to the building can be minimized. There is no need for additional foundation in the most of the case.

►A complete set of vibration testing systems is composed of shaker, power amplifier, vibration measuring control system and the test fixture which is a mechanical adapter between the shaker and the test sample.. In accordance with the international standards (such as MIL-STD, DIN, ISO, ASTM,IEC,ISTA,JIS,BS,etc) to provide technical support for establishing product quality inspection.

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Transport Vibration Simulation Tester

►Transportation Simulators mainly used in repeating impact, unloading or jump test that comply to ISTA, ASTM, TAPPI, ISO MIL-STD, FED-STD, UN, DOT and other industrial and government standards. Frequency rang is 2-5Hz with fixed displacement of 1 inch(24.5mm) and maximum acceleration of 1.25G.
►YST Transport vibration testers platform adopts eccentric cam principle to achieve rotation vibration modes.

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Mechanical Vibration Test Systems

Mechanical vibration tester simulates vibration during transport for electronic products, components, spare parts, products and instrumentation etc.  Its vibration and reliability tests comply with the UL, IEC and other standards.

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